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Back home from Bremen March 9, 2009
I'm back from my internship semester inside the E-Motion-Factory in Bremen.
I updated this site with some of the graphic design and vfx work I did during this great time. I'd like to encourage you to visit my Flickr and Youtube sites to get the full scope of my work.

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Why breathing huckleberry flavored air quickly sucks September 16, 2008
The internet consists of an infinite number of pages which can be devided into two categories: the ones which are based around a certain event and the ones which are the 'breathing' sites. The first kind of page is a page visited by people only for a very limited number of times. These pages should feature a dense, visible design to amaze us. The users of the second type of page keep returning because it's multipurpose. These pages should feature invisible design because even the smallest emphasis would harm the multipurposeness. Unfortunately, with today's technology many web designers are tempted to always design all web pages they are associated with. This is like being forced into forever breathing huckleberry flavored air.

Internship semester in Bremen September 14, 2008
I have just moved to Bremen in north-west Germany and started working here as an intern. The internship semester is one of the FHSH's assets which enables the students to dedicate the whole fifth semester to gain practical knowledge. Possible assignments for me include movie production, editing as well as post production.
I'm looking forward to bringing a lot of theoretical knowledge to life. I'm a big fan of northern Germany which is why I'm looking forward to make some trips to places like Hamburg or Heligoland sooner or later.

Third redesign of July 10, 2008
The lack of updates during the past months was mostly caused by this redesign. I completely redesigned this website and a lot of the inner mechanics changed. I'm using CSS now to control the page more efficiently and have a larger impact on the typography. I'm still working on some details and solving some design flaws and code bugs so please be patient. Feel free to contact me.

Leaving for Kansas City January 10, 2008
I will spend my fourth semester at the Kansas City Art Institute, KCAI in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. I decided to go there mainly because of their Department of Animation and I will use my time there to make my first steps into the world of 3D. While I'm not interested in animation, basic knowledge in packages like Maya or Blender comes in handy for matte paintings. Especially repetitive, geometric structures like buildings are more accurate when first modeled in a 3D package and later painted over in Photoshop. Another advantage of modeling is the possibility to reuse this set of data for 3D matte paintings.

Back home from Vienna April 22, 2007
Our FHSH field trip in Vienna was pretty exciting. Especially the rare combination Vienna, good weather, Wilfried, Nikon D40, tripod.

New partnership announced March 10, 2007
Starting with the soon-to-begin second semester I’ll work closely with Leitz’s marketing department to improove the correct application of the corporate identity and product visualization. Dr. Gittel, Leitz’s Marketing Manager, stated that they would be interested in a longer partnership. I answered that I did look forward to working at Leitz and that I would give my best to solidify the connection not only between Leitz and me but also between Leitz and the FHSH to enable future partner students to work at Leitz too.

One semester down, 6 more to go March 10, 2007
The first semester was an uber success! I’m looking forward to the next one, especially because of the nice time based media stuff we’ll be dealing with. I’ll continue to give them all I’ve got.

‘Obscura’ honoured January 6, 2007
The German Film School finally credited our work by grading ‘Obscura’ 1.0 which is the best grade you can possibly get at the GFS. We are very proud of this decision which we think honours the intense time we spent creating this beautiful peace of art.

Ads on October 9, 2006
Since I’ve begun to increasingly advertise this page on various well known social websites the visitor numbers explode. This led me to the idea to make some experiments with advertisements on my site. This is only experimental and will most likely be discontinued.

German Film School done August 8, 2006
I’ve finally finished my course at the GFS in Elstal/ Berlin. It was really a great opportunity to learn and understand the magic about animation. In the third month we teamed up and started to produce our own fully featured 3- minute motion picture as a fulltime project. And it was literally fulltime! There are still minor glitches in our flick and that’s why we’ve decided not to release it yet. We’re still working on a sweet little making- of which will hopefully be released simultaneously to our movie.

University of Applied Sciences August 8, 2006
All the efforts I’ ve put into being matriculated at the University of Applied Sciences turned out to be successful. I’ m one of approximately 20 other stu-dents who will soon commence their studies in the beautiful city of Schwäbisch Hall.

Berlin April 4, 2006
I’m not talking too much about future plans here for some reason but one plan evolves rather good: I’ll attend the ‘Prepare your portfolio’ at the German Film School in Elstal near Berlin. So from the beginning of May to the end of July I won’t be around too often. This means the site’s update process will be close to zero but I hope you’ ll understand it’s important to me. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to read/write my e-mails somehow but I might release other ways to get in touch with me during my absence.

Site relaunch April 4, 2006
Finally, it’s done! After months the site’s redesign was stored at about 85.475 per cent, I finally got the time to finish it off. My military service kept me from finishing it sooner. This is the third big redesign of since back in 2000 when this project initially started. Its main objective is to give people wanting to contact me a way to always let them know how to do so.

Military Service finished March 31, 2006
I’ve just finished my military service and I’m working hard to finalise ‘BW- Life’, a documentary and a hommage to my 9months as a soldier and to finish the site you are looking at right now.

‘The Next’, the last project by RX Media February 26, 2005
I’m looking forward to making my first serious/bigger film. It’s a rather old idea of Markus Thieroff and Christian Schwandt, my classmates, to make this movie as an hommage to their youth and I’m feeling very honored to be given the chance to star in this project being developed as ‘The Next’. I hope to be able to contribute to this film as an actor as well as with my technical expertise.

I'm Wilfried Kaiser, a young cosmopolitan designer and animator obsessed by digital and most analog arts.
When I'm not in the studio I'm an adventurer, do sports, help people and learn languages.
I'm a professional optimist, never ever bored and I have the ability to enjoy everything I do.

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